Q: Who are you ?

A: My name is Lissa and I help run this shop alongside owner and powerhouse Emily Bargeron, who also owns Mamie Ruth, Lose ya Cool, and our new sister store called Savannah Strange ! When Emily opened up Mamie Ruth, she took inspiration from vintage clothing and over time realized that not only was her vintage collection expanding, but we wanted to showcase and bring awareness in stopping fast fashion. And I, was born and raised in New Jersey, and came to Savannah to study Fashion Design at SCAD. Both of us go around digging around for hours on end, from coast to coast, finding the best of the best in 60s, and 70s fashion from vendors, warehouses, and back end wood mom and pop shops. With my grunge and rock and roll style, with Emily's boho posh style, East+Up was born ! 

Q: When will you have another " insert vintage T-Shirt" in stock

A: Unfortunately, because it is vintage, most times, if not all, we only find one of one items. 

Q: What do you consider vintage?

A: Vintage is technically anything that dates back to 20 yrs or more. Vintage falls in the category as being pre-worn/ used and sometimes one of a kind. Throughout the 60s and 70s, many people couldn't afford to purchase the "in trend" items so they made their own versions of that item, making things so much more special than others. However, just because something is vintage does not mean it's the only one in the world. We strive in making sure it is vintage, and Emily and I do not do consignment or trade, so when we go out hunting we like to know the story behind the piece or where it originated from. We may come across the items sister or brother from the same time period, but nonetheless, we pride ourselves in finding pieces that you won't find anywhere else. 

Q: Isn't wearing vintage gross?

A: Just like how our family members and friends gift us items that they no longer want, vintage is just like that. We try our best to find vintage pieces in the best quality that if they have lasted X amount of years, it will last another X amount of years as well. After every buying trip, Emily and I will send pieces to dry cleaning, steam them, and sometimes to a tailor to bring them back to their best state while keeping its original look.

Q: So you are carrying fur and supporting the fur industry? 

A: NO, of course not. We will never ever carry brand new fur, but only vintage fur coats. As much as we hate the fact that an animal had to die for the purpose of vanity, we like to at least give that animal purpose, and like to think that this animal didn't die for nothing. We believe in recycling and putting a halt to fast fashion, and we know that not everyone is going to agree with us but we are doing our best. 

Q: What's up with the sizing ?

A: Sizing is a bit all over the place, and vintage sizing is very different to sizing now, but we try our best to take measurements. Please make sure before every purchase that they are according to your body so you can rock your vintage find anywhere and everywhere you go !