Style Spotlight: Lauren Wolverton

Style Spotlight: Lauren Wolverton

Meet Lauren Wolverton (@lauren_wolverton), the dynamic and innovative digital creator who was named Savannah's Best Influencer of 2023. Lauren has made a significant impact on her community by partnering with local small businesses, fostering connections, and showcasing the vibrant culture of Savannah through her engaging content. Known for her impeccable style and genuine personality, Lauren's blog is a window into her world of creativity, fashion, and inspiration. Dive in to learn more about her passions, influences, and the projects that have shaped her journey.

What are your favorite vintage pieces to collect?

I love to collect vintage home pieces. I thrifted a really neat black and white, mid-century dresser several years ago that I'll never get rid of. I also thrifted two red, tractor-seat bar stools that I always joke are my "priz​​e possessions." They are my favorite pieces in my entire house. I've also had lots of fun collecting vintage beaded jackets over the years. I recently sold them to a friend of mine because I haven't worn them in a while. They're so beautiful and they deserved a new lease on life with someone who will wear them more than me.

Who would you consider your style icon or biggest fashion influence?

This is tough to answer because I draw inspiration from so many people and places. A consistent style icon in my life is Tessa Barton. She's been someone whose style has influenced me since I was a teenager. Laura Jade Stone and Leonie Hanne are major sources of inspiration for me lately. I go through waves of loving Kim Kardashian's style as well.

What has been your favorite photoshoot/ project you have worked on?

When I was in college, my friend, Liz Farris, and I led an editorial team that published a magazine every semester, focusing on fashion and beauty. We brought dozens of concepts to life with a team of student models, photographers, MUAs and writers. That was so long ago, but it is still one of the projects I'm most proud of. We'd stay up all night painting props and designing magazine spreads. It was a very free, creative time in my life. Since I've been in Savannah, I've really loved shooting with the store Madison & 5th. The store's owner, Chloe Binetti, has a knack for styling things in unexpected ways, so I've had a ton of fun with that and I've learned a lot about luxury brands. Last summer, I did a shoot with Savannah Magazine when they named me "Best Influencer." That shoot also stands out for sentimental reasons obviously, but it's also a favorite of mine because the team (Colleen Arnett, Mike Schalk and Rachel McDermott) did a great job of simply telling the story of me as myself. I do a lot of shoots that feel like I'm playing dress up, but that one was just Lauren. It was a cool experience.

What's currently exciting you the most in your life and career?

The future in general is exciting me right now. I think the last year has been very transformative and important for me, and I feel a new chapter on the horizon in both my personal life and career. My favorite thing to do these days is have a glass of wine with my boyfriend after work and talk about what the next few years look like. I feel like I am young enough to do anything I could dream of, but I am finally old (and mature) enough to make pretty good decisions on average. It's an exciting feeling overall.

How do you use your social media platform to inspire confidence in yourself and others?

As I get older, I actually find social media impacting my confidence less and less. It does not impact my confidence- in a good way or in a bad way- nearly as much as it once did. Which I think is really healthy. I think I used to post on Instagram when I needed an instant boost of serotonin. I wanted a bunch of my peers to comment on how cool I looked, or how happy I seemed, or whatever. Lately, I really try to draw confidence from the people I surround myself with and from hobbies outside of my phone. For example, I recently learned to snowboard. I learned from a few friends and my boyfriend this winter. It was scary and exciting and I ate shit for days before it clicked. But when I finally got the hang of it, I felt so accomplished. And the people around me were cheering me on as if I had just won gold at the Olympics. That boosted my confidence far more than anything on my phone ever could. I still shared some of these moments online, but I've made a conscious effort to pull confidence from the real life thing, rather than the social media attention that follows. I hope other people see the content I share and feel inspired to try something new. Whether it be trying a new recipe, shopping at a new store, or learning a new skill, I hope everyone in my network finds something outside of their phone that makes them feel awesome.

Can you name three things that you absolutely can't live without?

Aside from the obvious sweet things like my family and my cat, I can't live without peanut butter, self-tanning mousse, and sunshine. The self-tanner and sunshine have a direct impact on my mood every week. Ha!

Is there something surprising about you that people might not know?

People who don't know me are usually surprised to learn that I grew up in Mississippi. Not for any reason other than that they usually have never met anyone from Mississippi. It's usually followed with a bunch of pretty entertaining questions about the state.

What's inspiring you in life right now?

It's kind of silly, but cooking makes me feel very inspired right now. Making a dish from scratch makes me feel engaged and creative in ways that my job or other day-to-day activities sometimes can't. Cooking dinner is something I look forward to every day. I also always feel inspired by local businesses. I have an entrepreneurial streak in me, so if I'm ever lacking motivation or feel in a rut, I pop into some local restaurants, bars and stores and visit with the staff. I always leave feeling reminded that hard work, supportive people and creativity can bring any idea I have to life.

What's your guilty pleasure song that instantly boosts your mood and confidence?

I wouldn't call it a "guilty pleasure" because this song is a certified banger, but Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter is on repeat in my house right now. Other mood boosters that have stood the test of time with me are Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol, anything by the Chainsmokers, Callin' Baton Rouge by Garth Brooks, and Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi.

Do you have a favorite spot in Savannah for relaxation or inspiration?

Oh boy, I have so many. On a sunny day, I like to be outside. I love to go to the Alida pool. I don't do it enough, but I always feel inspired just taking a stroll through the Historic District or having a picnic at Forsyth Park. I love a rooftop bar or a good patio, too. The Lost Square, Peregrin, Ardsley Station and Hop Atomica are a few of my favorite spots for fresh air, a great drink and a relaxing afternoon.
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